15 6 / 2011

Spiced Apple Cupcakes with Brie Frosting (Recipe)

Day 2 of the cupcake spree! 

Grating the apples was kind of messy and I had some scruples with buying the cloves and nutmeg when the recipe called for so little of the spices, but just sniffing these cupcakes fresh out of the oven made it totally worth it.  Seriously, if only I could convey the aroma to you over the Internet (à la scratch-and-sniff stickers…man, I miss my childhood lol).

So, funny story: five days after scrutinizing the cheese labels to figure out what the difference between the red one and the blue one was (the amount, I discovered after ten minutes), I pulled the cheese out of the fridge, only to realize that I’d bought camembert instead of brie. :$  Of course, I’d already mixed half of the icing ingredients, so I used it anyway (a bit less than called for though, since camembert has a stronger taste than brie) and it turned out great!

Oh, and I used safflower oil instead of vegetable oil again.  I really ought to add vegetable oil to my grocery list.